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Monday, 10 November 2008

Remembrance Weekend and Fundraising

I have been a bit lax and not made any cards over the weekend, although I did start to cut out some decoupage that I bought at the SE Candlelighters fundraiser that Dawn and I attended on Saturday. £250 was raised at our event, and it was lovely to get together with our cyber pals. The events around the country organised by other cyber pals raised over £1,500 and there is still one event to "declare" their amount.

Sheila (SheWray) who started all the fund-raising had her head shaved yesterday and you can view the result at, as well as a picture of her "scare-cut":


We have watched the Remembrance Services over the weekend, and this has recalled the poem that my father-in-law wrote in a letter home from Burma in WW2. I never knew my father-in-law as he died as a result of war wounds, shortly after being invalided out of the army. He was a regular soldier and achieved the rank of Colour Sergeant.


I live in a Basha,
My word it's a smasher.
Just a few old Bamboo poles
And a roof full of holes,
Strung together in style
That makes everyone smile.
When the wind comes it shakes
And sometimes it just breaks.
When it rains cats and dogs
then it just waterlogs,
When it falls in a heap
And I'm still fast asleep,
For we know after strife,
Comes a happier life.
T.A.R Goodall
Buffs, Burma, WW2
I think this sums up life on active duty in far off places, and probably still applies to some of our fighting forces even today.
Right I must now knuckle down to making some more Christmas Cards.

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