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Friday, 28 November 2008

Two postings today!

Yesterday I sorted my Christmas Card list, and managed to get 118 cards ready for posting (Do I really have that many friends and rellies? It would appear so.) I still have a few more to do - but at least I am getting there, and Christmas is often the only time that I get to catch up on news from us and from them as not everybody is on the internet.

I was a bit cross with myself, as I made a few more cards last night, and being all efficient, they were signed and sealed and put ready for posting before I realised I hadn't photographed them. Duh!
The cards I forgot to photograph were in the same range as the ones below, and were lanterns and bells. Just simple images from a pack of "match-its" that I treated myself to to try. The pack consisted of the images, and then matching peel-offs that fit over them. The certainly looked very effective and gave a nice dimension. Being the craft cardmaker that I am - I didn't decoupage all the layers, but used various elements to make more cards!

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Chrissie said...

Well done on making all those cards Mags, I complained enough and I only had to make 30!