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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Christmas Cakes!

Well here is the result - two of the three done - the third will be similar, but it is to be an ordinary "white" fruit cake, rather than a rich fruit cake so I cannot make it yet - although the poinsettia is done.

So here they are - two cakes and 8" and a 6" and a close up of one of the poinsettias.

I fairly pleased with them - they are by no means perfect, not up to the standard I would normally, but I think I am out of practise. Last night I couldn't get the poinsettias right - and as I flopped into bed, I suddenly realised what I had done wrong! too late! You probably won't notice but there is not enough movement in the leaves - duh!

Also the icing is not perfect - instead of leaving the cakes after I had covered them for a couple of days before I put the writing on, I did it whilst the icing was still soft and I have got knuckle marks - hey ho! they are only for the family.

Probably if I hadn't mentioned this you wouldn't have noticed, but I wanted to be honest! Perhaps if I take more photos in daylight without the flash - the imperfections won't show!


craftypixie said...

Oh Mags this is gorgeous you have definately got a talent for icing cakes Colin used to be very good before he had the op on his hand
I know where to come when i wnat a special cake made now
Wendy xx

Rita said...

What a Stunning cake, I have never seen anything like them. You are such a talented lady. Hugs Rita xxxx

Chrissie said...

Well they look perfect to me Mags!