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Friday, 13 February 2009

Valentine's Day Birthday Cakes

We have two family Birthdays on Valentine's Day - My eldest grandaughter's and my son's fiancee.

I have been unable to decide which image to use on Katharine's cake - so have taken pictures of all three variations. I love the teddybear one, but my son like's the "art deco" heart one, which I also like! I am going to ask Katharine to decide which one she would like!

Very simple cake - professional mix chocolate sponge cake, covered with ivory sugarpaste. The plaques were made from modelling/mexican paste (which is a mixture of sugarpaste & flowerpaste) and embossed with designs from Patchwork cutters, then dusted/painted with various edible dusts.




Whilst writing this blog - Katharine has emailed me and chosen cake B.
Granddaughter's Cake

This is the cake for my granddaughter. The theme for her Birthday party is "High School Musical - Dress to Impress". I decided that High School Musical was too difficult to do - so my daughter came up with the idea of a Nintendo DS cake! Well it is not perfect, but actually looks better in reality than in the photo.
As her Nintendo is pink, I iced the cake in pale pink sugarpaste, and dusted the screens with a mixture of green and silver pearlised dusts, before adding the wording. The cake is the plain professional cake mix.

I hate piping on sponges, as no matter how careful I am I always seem to get a "knuckle" mark on them. Thought I had been very good and not got one this time, but obviously although my elbows were supported, and the cake was tilted as I did the writing I managed to catch the front of the cake! It looks worse on the photograph. because of shadows I suppose - it doesn't actually notice on the cake itself! phew! I don't suppose the children will notice!


Beryl (bik59) said...

Oh Mags, they are so beautiful. Far too lovely to eat lol
Beryl x

Jacqui said...

Wow you are just so talented. They look gorgeous
Jacqui (Calexico)

Linniepink said...

you are so talented your cakes are fab