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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Creme Eggs

Easter is coming, and inspired by pictures of some sugarpaste modelling done by a Sarah (Twinplums) on the JS forum, I have scanned some photos of eggs that I have made over the years especially for her. They are mainly models made with creme eggs, although there are a couple of ordinary eggs amongst them.

All you need is a creme egg (or some white almond paste {white marzipan}/ sugarpaste in the shape of an egg for the body for those that don't like chocolate!) about 2oz of white almond paste or sugarpaste coloured as desired (you will need more if you are making a body as well) a little melted chocolate to stick it all together, and paint on eyes/features and a small silver board or a biscuit, and some inspiration! Note: most of my eyes have been piped with a little royal icing, but you could use white sugarpaste.
So here we go some ideas:

Lady Rabbit made with white almond paste and sugarpaste

Pig and "Teacher" Owl (sugarpaste)

Mouse in a small egg shell (not creme egg and Crooked House using dolly mixtures

Frog and Footballer/Rugby player

Ninja turtle with pizza and Mr Elephant

Bear and chocolate easter egg turned into a Frog (normally filled with smarties)

Group 1: Mrs chicken, frog, elephant
Group 2 cat, alligator, tortoise (half creme eggs), squirrel, chicken

a selection of eggs - some are proper easter eggs, and the rose one has been modelled in white chocolate "leather" - i.e. modelling chocolate (very easy to make).
Second group: Mrs Elephant, Pooh bear and his honey, Owl, Mr frog, Mr Elephant

I hope I have given you some inspiration. Great gifts for children, wrapped in piece of cellophane and tied with a ribbon, or just have fun and let them make their own. (I have made hundreds of these with the Brownies and Guides and with boys and girls on holiday activity days)


Jane's Crafty Creations said...

What a clever idea ... love them.

Jane xx (aka BJZoe on JS Forum)

Beryl (bik59) said...

Wow Mags, they are fabulous. I wouldn't have the patience for something like that. Thanks for sharing them
Beryl x

Calcraft said...

WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! they are all absolutely brilliant. What a skill to have...

Carol x