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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The finished "Blankie"

Yes I have finished the new cuddler for my soon to be new grandchild, or as its sister calls hers "Blankie". She won't part with hers, so a new one had to be knitted.
Took this photo just after I had finished doing the crocheted edging - it has now been hand-washed ready for its recipient.

Originally I thought I was making one for the cot - but we discovered that the original one was this size. (I had also made another one a different size for the pram, which fortunately the new baby can use).

The colour looks a bit pale in the picture - probably caused by the flash - the original first square below is a more realistic colour.

Am now starting on some little soft toys to go in the nursery to compliment the blanket and to go with the ones I made 3 years ago.

Not bad for a non-knitter! - even if I say so myself.

The pattern I worked from was one of my mum's priced at something like 6d (yes that is old pence!). However, for anybody interested I have discovered that it is still available: Google: Sirdar leaflet 3266

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Beryl (bik59) said...

That's gorgeous Mags, I had one very similar to that when my eldest was born - 37 years ago. The pattern has certainly survived the passing of many years.
ps The image on my card is a download from CharmedCardsandCrafts.co.uk