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Monday, 30 March 2009

Lucky Me!

I thought I would share this lovely bouquet I received today from the Guides. Wearing one of my other "hats", I had been struggling with producing the new Directory (address book), as there were so many changes and a slightly different format to contend with. Theoretically it should be an easy job as I am the editor of the directory, and if I am kept uptodate with the changes the annual directory should be a cinch, but not this year! I kept thinking I had finished it, and more amendments would roll in! Our County Commissioner arranged for these to be delivered to me today, as she knew the directory had gone to the printers this morning!

The flowers are blue hyacinths, white broom, blue iris and raspberry carnations, which are the colours for the Guide Centenary (which is actually 2010, but we start the year of celebrations in September this year).

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Beryl (bik59) said...

Lucky you on the flowers Mags. When I was a Brown Owl our commissioner was a real pain over things like that
Beryl x