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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Son's Birthday Cake

We are having a bbq lunch for my son's birthday - hosted by my daughter, and I made this cake for him. I hadn't realised when I made the cake that the board I had was oval, and the cake I had made was round, but think the end result is quite effective (even if I say so myself!)

I was originally going to make a cake when he got engaged, but they didn't want a party. I had bought the ribbon for the cake and the bottle candle and glasses, so I have also used those, so it can also double up as a belated engagement cake, as Katharine's family will be attending the bbq!

I think the wording on the computer image should be dot net geek -having looked at his blog since I iced his cake - but what the heck! Mothers are entitled to get it wrong!

For those of you that dabble in cake decorating I have also added the instructions on how I did it.

Another view showing the side ribbon (originally bought for engagement cake)

And here is how I achieved the result.

I stamped the image of Lofty and his accessories onto a piece of paper. He was a tad too small for the cake. So I scanned the images and then saved them individually.

I used Publisher and drew an 8" circle and then imported the images and resized them and decided which ones I wanted to use. Printed off the draft design and placed it it a clear plastic wallet.

I then wiped the plastic sheet with vodka to sterilise it and dried it off, and then rolled Sugar City antique white platinum flower paste very thinly over the images and trimmed the paste roughly to size.

I then painted the design using cake dusts mixed with Sugar City "PaintMate" (iso-propyl alcohol). Some bits had to be painted free-hand so to speak, as couldn't always see the image underneath!

Finally with a very fine sharp palette knife I cut the images out of the paste and attached them to the cake with a dab of water. The number 30 was done with a cutter, and I piped his name in royal icing. Both were "edged" with gold dust mixed into a paint as before.

Finally I should add (just to get your taste buds going) the cake is made from a professional chocolate sponge mix!


ENJAY said...

This is gorgeous, didnt have any problem veiwing it,love your blog too.

KraftyKoolKat said...

This is fantastic hunnie you are so clever. Cathy xxxx

Glitzzynews blogspot said...

Stunning!!!! Mag's, what a great idea,putting Lofty,on the cake!! Just love it.
Luv Maureen x

twinplums said...

Great instructions Mags. I thought it was a printed edible image. I might just have to try your technique one day.