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Friday, 25 June 2010


My DIL-to-be wants hydrangeas on her wedding cake, as that is going to be the flower in her bouquet.   I am beginning to hate the bloomin things.  Not the easiest of flowers to make.   I had bought various hydrangea cuttters, but non of them seemed to be of any use - either too large or too small, so have ended up using my small Christmas Rose cutter.

I sat and played on Wed and made some prototypes for the centres and the blossoms to get the feel of the flower and what I wanted to achieve, never having made them before.

Today I have finished making 90 centres and started on the petals and creating the blossoms.   It has been a bit one step forward, one back, as having made 6 blossoms, 3 disintegrated!

This is what I have achieved so far - a long way to go yet.  I have about 60 or so blossoms to make!   The blossoms look huge in this picture, but if you realise I am holding them in my fingers you can see they aren't that big really!

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kathleen said...

Just keep going Mags they will be lovely.

Kathleen x