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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Thomas Kincade

This first card is for a friend's Ruby Wedding - which happens to be the same day as ours.  We were Sunday School teachers together many moons ago in our youth.   Standing joke between us is that she has never really forgiven me for chosing the date and time of our wedding, as it was the same date and time she wanted.   As we booked the church before her, she had to get married at a different church and not the one in the village!   We both moved away from our childhood homes, but now we live around the corner from each other!

This card is for my nephew and is one of the images that made me buy the cd.   Tony used to be in the Navy serving on Ark Royal.

and this card is for his nephew - my great nephew - another sea lover as he is in the NTC in a unit run by his parents.  I thought the surfer in the picture was more in keeping with his generation, and the "cool dude" in his shades, (Lilli of the Valley image) looks so like one of his profile pictures on FB that I couldn't resist using it.

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