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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Beaded Bag Charm Kit

As it was such horrid weather yesterday, I played with some of my purcheses from Farnborough.   This is my first attempt at beadwork. 

OK it was a kit - but got it to practise - but have bought another bag of beads and some findings so that I can make some more, although I need to get some chain (although I am thinking there might be some old broken necklaces etc up on my jewellery box that I could rob until I can get to local shop to buy some- if I order them from the bead shop - I might spend too much on other stuff!).  Not too bad for a first attempt.  You may also notice that the paper I used to photograph it on was my try-out of one of my new punches too! 


Sass said...

Very pretty Mags, my colours too! Let me know who made this kit coz I WANT it!!

Jan said...

Love it Mags xx jan

Mags said...

suppose I had better keep this one for your birfday then Sass!


the shop was: www.thesouthamptonbeadshop.co.uk