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Monday, 21 February 2011

Crepe Paper Flowers - tribute to my Dad

As a tribute to my Dad, who was the inspiration behind my attempting to make some of my recent paper flowers, I thought I would share a sample of some of his life-sized crepe paper flowers that he made in the late 1980s (when he was in his 70s) - with you all.  I scanned these old pre-digital photos of his - so apologies for the quality - but I hope when you click on the pictures you will appreciate the detail that has gone in to making the flowers.



Narcissus & Daffodils
Anemones, Rhodendron blossoms, primulas and primroses and purple pansies,
crocuses and trailing ivy

Daffodils,  roses and possibly a camelia or an open rose, narcissus
pale anemones, water lily, darker anemones

more roses, daffodils narcissus, water lily, anemones and I think possibly a red camelia

Daffs, sweet pease, roses, carnations, pinks narcissus
water lily, primula and red and pink rhodedendron

As mentioned the flowers are made from crepe paper, duplex crepe paper (water lily), tissue paper (sweetpeas), some wire and some glue!  My father was taught by Jeanne Westcott and she wrote a book called Paper Flower Sculpture.  (I had mislaid this book, but whilst looking for these old photos I found it - so am really chuffed with that, as it is one of the orginal 1st edition hardback copies)   I have discovered it is still available from places like Amazon in hardback and softback format.

When I finally found the book hiding in the cupboard, I also found along with it a couple of old books of mine :  1)  Silk Flowers - Making and arranging ribbon flowers by Anne Hamilton and Kathleen White which looks really inspirational; and 2)  Making Pressed Flower Pictures by Margaret Kennedy Scott and Mary Beazley, which I remeber were pressies from my parents.

I have also been googling for paper flowers etc and came across this inspirational blog - http://krithicreation.blogspot.com/%20-%20which - which  also includes stocking flowers - I remember when they were all the rage - appears they are back "In", and small world that it is, whilst I was round at my pal's house today helping her ice the cake, she showed me a pot of anthuriums made from red nylons that she had been given at Christmas!

Definitely a case of flower power rules at the moment it seems!


Beryl K said...

Thank you so much for sharing these with us Mags, your father was a very talented man. Its obvious where you get your talent from.
Beryl x

Rita said...

Mags, I feel so privelaged to see your fathers work, its so anazing ,I had to to look a good few times at all the pictures. You have every right to proud of you Dad,its well seen where your talent comes from. TFS. Hugs Rita xxxx

Sheila - Ginger said...

Many thanks from me to Mags....they are absolutely blooming gorgeous. It's wonderful that you have found your Dad's book and amazing how things come around again and so this has happene with the paper flowers. Thanks again for sharing your Dad's book with us.

Love Sheila xx

Sass said...

Crikey Missis! Stuck for words and that is unusual as you well know!!!