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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Water Lily - first attempt

I have been thinking about trying to make a water lily for a week or so.  It didn't turn out quite as I wanted it.  I had really wanted to make it with coffee filter paper to make it more flexible - but my punch just wouldn't cut a clean shape! grrr!   Anyway I resorted to 80 gsm copy paper again.  the size of the finished flower is about and inch and a half (and about 3" with the leaves.)

Having punched the shapes I balled them with one of my cake decorating tools - known in the trade as a "dogbone" because of its shape.  I ran the tool around the edge to break the fibres a bit and then balled the base of the petal shapes.  I then rolled the top down to give it more curl.  I then "chalked" the petals, using my cake decorating dusts.  I used a pale lemom at the base of the petal and pink on the back and edges of the front of the petal, and then I used a white pearlised lustre dust over it all.

I cut a small circle of paper and with flowersoft glue, proceeded to assemble the flower.   It didn't go quite as I had intended, as I had to dismantle it half way through to curl some of the petals a tad more!  finished off with more glue and lemon flowersoft in the middle.  At least 'im indoors recognised it as a water lily.

I decided it need some leaves, so grabbed the first bit of green card I came to in the box and cut out a leaf shaped free hand.  (It happened to be some of my best hammered green card! ) I then scored the back of the card a few times, with another of my cake decorating flower making scribes! and stuck the leaves on the back of the flower.  The little blobs on the leaf are supposed to be there - they are supposed to be water drops!

I was inspired to make this, as many years ago my Dad made beautiful life size hand-made flowers from special craft crepe papers (sort of double sided crepe is how I can only describe it - he used to go to London to buy it from a shop called PaperChase).  He made both Mum and I a life-size water lily that he made to sit on a glass tile - unfortunately both are long gone!   Somewhere in my house is the book with the instructions on how to make his flowers.  I know I haven't thrown it away as it was signed by the author, who happened to be the person who taught Dad, as she lived locally.  He eventually took over some of her classes and demonstrations at WIs etc.

So Dad this is a tribute to you.  Wish you had taught me how to do them properly though!


Beryl K said...

It's beautiful Mags,
Beryl x

Sheila - Ginger said...

Oh this is fabulous Mags....so clever too.

Love Sheila xx