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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Another attempt at Icing Fusion!

Having worked my socks off in the garden this afternoon I decided to have another play today.  Whilst at a sugarcraft exhibition yesterday I came across some un-inked stamp pads for use with liquid cake colouring.  I dithered about getting one as they were £5 and obviously you could only use one colour on them!  I then forgot to go back to the stand and buy one!   However, googling for un-inked stamp pads I came across a tip for making your own with cut and dry foam! ..........   well I have some of that and thought ooo - can just cut a small piece for the colours I want to use!

So I decided to try out the Cherry Blossom today - I stamped the branch with brown liquid icing - it wasn't a perfect image - so I filled in some of the gaps with a brown food pen.   I then added the dots of pink and white royal icing and scribbled them together with a cocktail stick!  I still haven't got the consistency of the icing quite right yet!  However, I am pleased that I have learned how to stamp on icing now! - so count a day lost you don't learn something!

I am just going to have to save up for the proper paints - unfortunately the craft pot is going to be diminished by a fixed penalty notice I received yesterday whilst at the Exhibition!   Bit miffed about it - as the car park attendant had shown me where to park as there were no spaces left in the car park, but said he had been told to let disabled drivers park on the double yellow lines!    I parked carefully well up against a wall to make sure the car was well tucked in  (displaying my disabled permit) - as further up the road past a sign that said "no cars or motorbikes except for access" cars had parked on both sides of the road (no yellow lines - and yes they all got tickets too!)   My notice said it was because I was double parked - well I wasn't when I left the car and wasn't when I returned to the car - it would appear that somebody parked opposite me during that time thus causing me to get a ticket!    I was more than a little miffed to say the least, as I had made every effort to park tidily and legally - the car park chappie had originally wanted me to park further up and I refused!   It rather spoilt a nice day out!   I have appealed - so shall await the outcome - if it is not rescinded £30 of my craft cash will be going on the fine!


lindah11 said...

great job mags love the colour of flowers
hugs linda xxx

Beryl K said...

Looking good Mags,at this rate we'll be seeing you on Create and Craft demonstrating your 'icing fusion' lol.
Bad luck on the parking ticket, hope the appeal works
Beryl x

Jan said...

You are so talente Mags, it's beautiful xx jan

Rita said...

This looks wonderful Mags. Your such a gifted lady. Hugs Rita xxx

Hazel said...

It's beautiful. Sorry to hear about the fine. Hazel x