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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I am a Happy Bunny!

No card today, but just wanted to share some good news!  Got back from weekly visit to nurse for IMindoors, followed by the fortnightly food shop to find a letter from Surrey Police in reply to one I sent to them about my fixed penalty parking fine.  (you may recall I mentioned the unfair fine in an earlier post)  You can imagine I was opening the letter before I got the shopping in from the car!  Well result - they have cancelled my fine - so I have an extra £30 in my craft stash pot!

Happy, Happy Bunny here!


Beryl K said...

That's great news Mags
Beryl x

Sass said...

Oh no! does that mean that when I come at Easter we shall have to go craft shopping?

Tough job but someone has to do it lol