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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Paint Fusion - Berries

Well I have done it - produced my first Paint Fusion Effort - actually using acrylics (yes I know I did a couple of practise attempts with icing but this is the real thing!)

Whilst in town during the week I treated myself to some paint brushes from The Works, and some acrylic paints from Wilkinson's - yup that's me - last of the big spenders!   I got 7 large tubes of paint at 99p each and a box of 12 small tubes for £2.50 - so under a tenner!   I thought I would have a practise just to see if I could do it and I can always invest in the proper paints at a later date.   The downside was that I had to mix my shades first, but it wasn't too much of a problem.  I also bought a cheap larger set of paint brushes from Wilkinson's but they weren't brilliant - but sufficed - shall look for a better set.

So I am secretly quite chuffed at my first venture into painting - I have never been good at art, although I like the relaxation of colouring stamps with promarkers, and am getting some results now with water-coouring, but I always wanted to learn "barge painting"/folk art.  (My family will tell you that the only think I can paint is emulstion on the walls - although I prefer wall-papering, and for heaven's sake don't let me loose with gloss paint! - undercoat yes - gloss NO!) so this really is an achievement for me.  Have even amazed my kids - and my son and his wife are both brilliant artists!

Finally I will own up to a couple of "happy accidents".  I didn't quite achieve the transparent centres to the flowers as per Sheena's DVD.  However, having obliterated the stamens on the stamp, and painted the yellow centre - I had a brainwave - I re-inked the stamp and wiped off the petals and just stamped the stamen part over the paint!  result!   Also when I came to stress emboss the edge and the swirls - I didn't think the versamark had stamped for the swirls - so I redid them - seems I now have swirls of ribbon!  - have I discovered a new technique quite by chance?  bet I couldn't get the same result again!


Beryl K said...

Wow Mags this is really something. Well done
Beryl x

Claire said...

FAB Mags! It looks amazing, and I love your new technique with the swirls (you shouldn't have said cos I'd have thought you'd done it on purpose lol)
Clever idea for the flowers, I'll have to remember that one and your berries are gorgeous. I haven't mastered the berries yet
Claire xx

ENJAY said...

BRILLIANT! well done,yes i thought i could use my sons acrylic,which are lots cheaper.xx