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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Paint Fusion - or should that be Icing Fusion! - 1st attempt

Well it has been a day of problems with the internet today - think BT are mucking about with the phone lines!  So having had another fix of Sheena's DVD and getting eldest granddaughter hooked - I decided to abandon cyberspace, and try my hand at some paint fusion!  Only ONE big problem - don't have any paints, and only bristle brushes!   and I was itching to have a go!

Anyway undaunted I decided to have a bash at practising with icing as I had a tub of it mixed up and going to waste!   Was a bit diffiicult to gauge what consistency I needed the icing.

I covered a board with ivory regal ice and then pressed the daisy stamps lightly to get a rough outline.  I didn't want to make the first blue coat too dark, but think I could have been a bit bolder adding the colour - but hey ho this was a first practise.  If I did it with icing again - think I would coat the board first with Royal icing rather than sugarpaste and then with my food colour pens stamp the image - although as this would never be eaten - could use ordinary inkpad I suppose.

So here are a couple of views of my first attempt (different lighting!) - bit "el crappo", and the leaves need a lot more practise and alteration of the consistency, and I also did them free-hand!

No doubt about it - got to order some proper paints and get the synthetic brushes!


lindah11 said...

excellent mags you go girl
i think thats great first attempt i could never do that
hugs linda xxx

Beryl K said...

Waste not Want not as they say Mags, great idea for practicing with. Great first attempt too.
Beryl x

Sheila - Ginger said...

Definitely not 'el crappo' Mags!! They're lovely.

Love Sheila xx

jan said...

great way to use up what would have gone to waste, they both look lovely.