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Friday, 1 April 2011

Iggle Piggle Cakes & Card

It is my youngest granddaughter's second birthday on Sunday.  She is adores Iggle Piggle.  My daughter-in-law wanted to make her main cake - so I offered to make some fairy cakes, knowing that they are all the rage now.   Must confess I don't "DO" fairy cakes as a rule - apart from adding a bit of water icing or turning them into butterflies!  However, at a recent sugarcraft show - everything was fairy cakes, so I treated myself to some cutters (the large cakes) and also a head mould, which I used for the little cakes.  Hopefully the children will think they look like Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy! 
The large cup cakes were iced with  Burgundy M&B Paste with a Regalice flower added and a few pink sugar sprinkles.  The mini cakes were iced with Karen Davies sugarpaste - vanilla flavour for Iggle Piggle and Marshmallow flavour for Upsy Daisy.

as you will see these compliment the card I have made for her

The card was created using some Daisy and Dandelion images and put together in MCS.  Iggle Piggle, present and the two cup cakes on the right were decoupaged.   You can't really see it from the picture, but quite a bit of Sakura glitter and clear glaze pens were used on the image.  The sentiment was added to the picture in Craft Artist Platinum.  Just updated this photo as decided to add some flowers to compliment the cakes!

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Sass said...

YUM YUM! CAAAAAAAKE! slobber dribble drool! Its the Bobsters birthday on the 22nd so I ought to leave him a cake while we are with you. I don't think he will want Iggle Piggle though lol Very nice and I love the card xx