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Friday, 8 April 2011

Paint Fusion - Poppies

As it was such a gorgeous day - I sat outside this afternoon and prepared 3 wooden discs with crackle finish.
I then decided to attempt some poppies for the first time!

First attempt - red poppies on a crackle background of blue with green and ivory mix of paint over the top.  I wasn't too happy with the finish of the poppies, so having got a better result with the blue ones, went back to this and did a little bit of high-lighting to give the flowers more definition - definitely an improvement on the original painting.  Maybe we will make a painter of me yet!

2nd attempt - decided to do some blue poppies (which I secretly love - have tried to grow them. but without success, although my red ones do very well and I do love them as well).  Background on this one again crackled, but with ivory with a dash of red mix over blue.

I was more confident painting this one.  I used two shades of blue and white.   I really must treat myself to the proper paints - although I am getting better at mixing enough of the colours to do a whole project.

I am quite chuffed with the result really - especially this blue one, as I have always wanted to paint, but never been any good - just need some practise with placing the leaves now!


lindah11 said...

no wonder your chuffed they are beautiful
hugs linda x

Sass said...

Awwww Mags, you know what a pushover I am for Poppy's and Dandelion Clocks, stunning pieces of work.

PS is The Eejits bench still holding up?