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Friday, 27 May 2011

Craft Day with a Granddaughter

My eldest granddaughter had an inset day today, so came for a sleepover last night and a day of craft today.  Here are some of the things we got up to:

some jewellery making

A brooch - inspired by the tiara making on C&C

a hair clip also inspired by tiara making (I can now see that as we started this last night and the light was wrong - I couldn't differentiate the colours of the beads in the flower!  (grin)

two phone charms - colours and arrangement chosen by granddaughter who threaded all the headpins up , but left me to create the chain and attach the charms!

this morning we played "marbling" with the MCS mica marbling inks - quite a lot are double sided.

yes I did get to play as well - although not as much as granddaughter - I seem to be in charge of drying off the pieces and finding places for them to dry!

This afternoon it was back to jewellery making.  Whilst I finished off the phone charms, my granddaughter decided she wanted to make a bracelet and to use the crimp beads - not a bad attempt for first effort, and yes the beads between the crimp beads are supposed to have room to move.

and finally a couple of roses, ready for enamelling (We didn't manage to get to that part) ready to be made into a brooch.  The red one is a punched rose, and the blue one from MCS Paper Flowers Click, Print Go.

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Beryl K said...

You've certainly had a busy time Mags, the jewelry is beautiful. I was marbling last night, great stuff isn't it!
Beryl x