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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ribbon Jewellery

My new addiction - Ribbon Jewellery.  My pal Sassie made me a necklace for Easter and I fell in love with it - and my daughter bought me a basic kit for my Birthday a couple of days ago.   Here are the first results of my playing:

This is made from the kit using both beads,

This is it with just the green bead

and now with just the purple bead

and then I made a bracelet with ribbon from my stash and a large bead

and then I tried two different ribbons, and added tiny bead to the end of the tie.

another view of the two bracelets.

Sassie and I have had a lovely few days, and spent yesterday afternoon, after a fab Chinese meal at our local restaurant, at a little craft shop at the local garden centre, buying a few bead making bits, and this morning we nipped across to Hobbycraft as she doesn't have one near her - and erm spent rather a few more pennies on jewellery bits! 

I had asked for a bead loom for my Birthday too, and I had really wanted the more expensive one from Beader's Companion ( which I could also have paint-fusioned!|) - anyway we saw the smaller one in Hobbycraft so I decided to buy that and put my savings towards more beads, etc. instead!

Sassie has now departed for home in the wilds of Devon, Boo Hoo - so I shall now go and sit in the garden and try out my loom!

Thanks for dropping by.  (and don't forget if you want a ribbon necklace, let me know and what colour .......!)


Saturday, 30 July 2011

Playing with beads

Spent my birthday quietly in the garden yesterday with my pal Sassie doing some crafting.   We had a lovely day.   Sass was working a cross stitch sampler she is making for a wedding, but we also did some paint fusion and I taught her how to do Steph's roses.

I played with some beads:

Keyring trying out the ladder technique

A little christmas tree decoration with painted beads and button, a bit of felt and tinsel.

I also tried painting my plain beads - as you can see two-tone ones done with pearlescent acrylic and also some purple ones.  Made this into a key charm for Sassie and using my Crafty Crocs acrylic pens, wrote her name on the plain wooden beads.

One of my presents (from my daughter) was a necklace kit with a sort of french knitting machine - so watch this space for the end result using that.    I was hoping for a beading loom - but my husband is going to get that for me as he hadn't bought me anything.    (if I had known would have ordered it last weekend when it was free p&p from Beaders Companion - duh!)

right must got and sort myself out - we are off to favourite Chinese Restaurant again this week - this time Sassie's treat!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Wonderful Day

No picture to share, but just wanted to record a memory of a great day all due to an interest in crafting.

My pal Jacque (some may know her as Sassie) is up to stay for a few days to share my "Hip Hip Hooray" day as she calls it, and today we had joined some other craft friends from Joanna Sheen's craft forum, for lunch and a good old natter!    We do meet occasionally at craft events, but normally it is only over a quick cuppa and a sarnie and we are off spending again!

Today Jacque and I and my eldest granddaughter drove up to nr Guildford to our mutual friend Donna's house, where we were joined by two other friends Jan and Jo.   Donna's daughter is the same age as my granddaughter, and they had already met at a craft event earlier this year and hit it off - so went and did their own thing together, whilst the grown-ups nattered.  My daughter (another Sheenie) would have joined us, but she is off on a Guiding trip tomorrow with my granddaughter, and by not coming with us she was able to sort out their packing without any interference!  Hopefully she will be able to join us next time.

Donna provided us with a spot of lunch, and we really had the most enjoyable relaxing day.   A few years ago I didn't know the existence of these people, and through craft and the forum, I have made some lovely friends and although we rarely actually see each other face to face, when we do so it is just so relaxed and no standing on ceremony and it is like catching up with family.    (and to tell the truth, we didn't even discuss much craft today!)

Thank you ladies (and the youngsters) for a smashing day.  Here's to the next gathering!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Paint Fusion fun & 70th Birthday lunch

I gave myself a day off today as I had slightly overdone it earlier in the week.  In fact I have had two days off, as yesterday all the family joined us for a 70th Birthday lunch for my husband at our local Chinese Restaurant.  We were the only customers in at lunch time.  I think because they don't advertise that they do a set Buffet (eat as much as you like) on a Saturday - they only advertise the Sunday one!  As usual we got really spoilt as we are quite regular customers for family celebrations. 

The staff all sang Happy Birthday to Derek and brought in this ice cream complete with candle - which I will add the grandchildren all shared!   (The Manager did say that he would have ordered a stripper for him, but didn't think his heart would cope!)

After lunch we all came back to our house for a slice of birthday cake and a cuppa and spent a pleasant afternoon in the garden.

The Birthday Boy and his Icecream

So to today - as it was such a lovely day I spent it sitting in the garden painting!   I finally got to painting the last side of my paintstripper holder.......

...... and I then started on my Daughter's holder, which she had brought around for me to play with.  I think I am getting the hang of this paint fusion now and also Steph's roses - I love doing those.  Although mine are actually a fusion of Sheena & Stephanie's techniques!

1st side

 2nd side

 3rd side

Last side

Close up of 2nd side

Close up of 3rd side

thanks for looking


Friday, 22 July 2011

Ruby Wedding Card

Image from MCS - Click, Print, Go! - Stephanies Roses & Painting Pages.  Centre of Rose and Leaves decoupaged.  Squares of red vellum passed through my heart ribbler and trimmed with woodware trimmer, and some red ribbon from my stash added.

I originally bought this CD to practise painting roses - but I thought I would use one of the images for a card.
When I can paint as well as Steph - perhaps I will paint a card.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cricket Card

Another card from JS Nostalgia Cd.  All images and background paper from the CD.  Mounted on gold mirri on a white card.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The card says it all!

Card for my husband's 70th Birthday tomorrow.

Cream card.  Image from Joanna Sheen's Nostalgia CD, matted on to Burgundy card, silver mirri and burgundy card again.  The numbers were cut from a set of templates I have from same burgundy card and then free-hand matted on to silver mirri, and candi added.  Computer generated sentiment.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Thank You Card

I recently won a Making Cards Competition on Facebook and this is my thank you card for my prize, which were two craft books.

When I was making the sympathy card the other day I stamped out two images, and whilst I had the aquamarkers out, coloured this image for future use.  I think the basic card was papermania.  Image is on watercolour paper, and I dusted the image with sparky pink chalk.(which I think was in a Goody Bag some time ago).  The side panel is pink vellum, which I have run through my little hand-held heart embossing machine, and then sanded the embossed hearts lightly.   Pink organza ribbon added to this panel, which has then been edge with pink holographic peel-offs.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Beaded Charms

I had a link in a craft email to a video about how make a daisy bracelet and thought I would play with some of my wooden beads from Crafty Crocs again and make some key/handbag charms.  They only took a couple of minutes each.  I think the flowers are very effective and so easy to do.  Confess I didn't get around to painting the plain beads yet (one of those jobs I would prefer to do outside in the garden and the weather this weekend hasn't been conducive to that!) and the ready painted flower beads are supposed to be for my grandchildren to make things with - good job there are loads in the pot!

I can see that once I have painted some of my plain beads, I will be using that daisy flower idea again.  When I have a bit more time, might make a proper bracelet with glass beads and incorporate the circle idea as well as in this charm from an earlier posting:

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sympathy Card

I didn't expect to be making one of these today to send to a pal.  Had one of those "out of the blue" phonecalls today from her daughter to tell me her Dad had died.  He was only 64.  The family have been friends since my pal and I were at ante-natal classes together.  Our children all went to school together.  I just can't believe it.  I knew he had been in and out of hospital earlier this year, and although he looked a tad frail when we saw him back in April as he had just come out of hospital and was in the surgery getting a dressing done, he seemed to be on the road to recovery, and was quite cheerful and upbeat.

Cream scalloped card from Craftwork Cards.  Stamped image (I think a Docrafts stamp), stamped with black memento.  I originally was using my koi brush and keeping it monochrome, but then decided to add just a little colour with my aquamarkers.  Image then cut out with cuttlebug and layered on to black card.  Small scalloped pieces also cut with cuttlebug from burgundy card.  I might add a burgundy edge to the cardstock with the appropriate coloured promarker or I might leave it as it is - can't decide - to difficult to make a decision at this minute.

70th Birthday Cake

As promised yesterday here is piccie of cake I made from my husband's 70th.   Very plain, as he doesn't do "fussy".

Friday, 15 July 2011

Playing with beads again!

Yes fidget fingers has been playing with beads again!  (and you all thought I was going to put a picture on of the cake I made for my husband's 70th next week didn't you? - well I will do that tomorrow!)  I mosied out after I had finished the cakes and had a little craft spend and wandered around the French Market that was in town.   Probably my best decision of the day as the forecast for rest of the weekend is horrendous - pity those poor market stall holders, and I bought a lovely tablecloth for the patio table into the bargain!   

Of course I wanted to play with my craft purchases, but I was very good I decided to leave those for the forthcoming wet weekend! 

Anyway I thought I would use some of my crafty crocs bits instead and made this little key ring, using the same idea I practised the other day.   Gosh that was hard work - took me all of about 10 mins to make (if that!).   I am making some little bits to put away for the girls for Christmas - although this could always go in to my samples box for Crafty Crocs.   This is such a simple pattern I think I might make a few more variations.  I have some plain beads that I was going to paint to make key rings with ...... erm ...... watch this space!

Birthday Cake

This is the cake I have made for my son-in-law later this month.  My daughter and granddaughter are off to Switzerland on a Guide trip the day after his birthday, so I thought if I made him a cake (he does love my fruit cakes) he wouldn't go hungry whilst they were away! ;-)  He is quite a railway enthusiast and I saw this little train in the cake decorating shop and the colours evolved from that.  Being a man's cake  kept it fairly simple.  You might be able to see if you click on the image that there is some faux stitching either side of the two lines.

Another view

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Practising Beading!

Well I couldn't continue with the painting of the paint stripper stand, as my daughter borrowed it for a project she was doing with some of her students at school.  I gather when it is returned it will be accompanied by her stand for a makeover!

This morning I was icing cakes for my husband's birthday and my son-in-laws (more of those when the are finished) and I couldn't settle to anything this afternoon, although I did sit and do a little family history, but that sun looked so lovely that I sat in the garden with a few beads ........

I watched Sarah Millsop the other day and she demonstrated making little circles of beads.  Well I didn't have any tigertail - I have wires and stretchy elastic but no tigertail!  However, I thought what the heck - just play and get the feel of the idea.   I also only have some cheap beads that I bought for card making a couple of years ago.  So I relaxed in the sunshine and played - I was aiming for a bracelet - although once again I don't have any fastenings - so I ended up attaching one of those little clips for phone charms.  (Well at least it meant I could fasten it - although the finished article is now attached to my handbag!)

So some tigertail is on my shopping list a.s.a.p !   I would also love a beading loom. (Rather fancy that large one from Beader's Companion - as I could also paint fusion it!)  Some years ago (well actually from my teens) I had a beautiful antique beaded necklace that was a family heirloom, and was one of my favourite items.   It was very long with a beautiful teardrop shape on the end.  I don't know where it is - somewhere very safe?  I do know the beads started to unravel and I repaired it once and then it came adrift from the teardrop shape.   I would never have thrown it out intentionally, and I now know how it was made with a beading loom I would love to replicate it. (It will turn up then - cos that is somebody's law!)  So I am going to be dropping some mega hints to the family as I have a birthday coming up soon! :). 

I also fancy one of those large french knitting tools (http://www.ingrid-de-vane.co.uk/ ) to make some necklaces with ribbon.  (my pal Sassie made me a ribbon necklace for Easter and that is rarely off my neck - so would love to make some more in different colours).

Hope my family read my blog LOL!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

More Paint Fusion

Been playing again - this paint stripper holder is getting a major revamp and I am getting more practise!
This photo isn't a good one, but all the other's made the lavender and wisteria look too blue when I retook them this morning!

and this afternoon I painted this side with poppies and daisies (which are actually slightly whiter in real life).
Now what to put on the last side ....... ?

Monday, 11 July 2011

BahHumbug - inspired by C&C

Yes - I am making Christmas Decorations in July!

Reindeer and snowflake/star

I have watched some of the jewellery shows recently on C&C and have been inspired to try out some of the ideas (albeit I haven't bought the kits).   However, I have in my Craft Crocs stash some beads I bought with the idea that I would make some bits with the grandchildren.   (I made the two youngest stretch bracelets with these pre-painted beads on Saturday - they had fun choosing the colour combinations they wanted - but I forgot to take a photo).

Anyway I saw the demo of the reindeer today - and just had to have a play.  So with pipecleaner, beads, some googly eyes and a heart jewel, my version of the reindeer was born.   The snowflake is even easier - just silver pipecleaner and beads! 

The plain beads I used for the reindeer head can actually be painted, so watch out for some variations - I am thinking along the lines of using my pearlised acrylic paints for the snowflake!  Might have to make it a tad bigger as the beads are bigger. 

close up of the reindeer - will have to get some nice oblong beads for his head.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Revamped - work in progress!

I had a little time to play with my paints this afternoon.  My daughter had asked to borrow my old paint stripper, and this was the stand that my Dad made for me, many many years ago.   This was before we had posh lightweight heat guns for our embossing and we had to use a paint stripper!  They got very hot so you needed something safe to rest it in.  So for the past 20 years it has been just plain plywood.

I decided that I would revamp it.  I painted it with ivory emulsion and did the wet on wet painting technique, using some gold pearlised acrylic paint, to give it a sort of distressed look. Then used Sheena Douglas's Paint Fusion stamps - leaves from the Blackberry set and the Open Rose stamps, which I converted to full roses, using Stephanie Weightman's Rose technique.  The rose buds and gypsophila were free-hand!

so this is the first side done - now to decide what to put on the other three surfaces.  I am definitely hooked now on Folk Painting!

another view

Saturday, 9 July 2011

A Lovely Evening (nothing crafty!)

I had a lovely evening yesterday (Friday).   I was requested to attend a County Review evening for the Guides.   I found out why - I was given a special award for Excellent Service to the County, as I am about to retire as the County Newsletter Editor.  My daughter was also in attendance and she was also presented with a different award for all her work as Website Co-ordinator and for her work in producing the biennial Power Point presentations for these special evenings including last night's.  After all the presentations, we enjoyed a lovely buffet and chatted to the various county dignataries in attendance, Mayors, Council Chairman, etc.

I was very honoured to receive this special award which is only presented by the County Commissioner of Sussex Central to a very select few.  Apart from a Certificate to be framed - this was the pretty silver brooch that I was given - you can see the Guide badge on the wing, and the SXC down it's body.

When I got home, I discovered my pal had called round with a huge bouquet from her nephew for making the "Fish" cake.  He and his wife were absolutely over the moon with it.   Another completely unexpected event!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Fish and Flowers Cake

Well I had my cake decorating "hat" on yesterday and today!   The cake was originally just going to be for Greg, but although his wife had a cake earlier this year, they are having a joint 60th Birthday party on Saturday and he wanted her name included on the cake.  Oh heck - fish and flowers!  I was then beginning to wish I hadn't volunteered to do this for my pal, who was not up to doing it herself.  Confess I did cheat when I went to buy all the bits for the cake, and bought a ready-made rose.  (this was originally white with the coloured leaves, so I coloured the rose to match the scheme I was thinking of.)   I painted the fish on very thin flowerpaste.  The cake is vanilla sponge.

You may recall that I made this card earlier for my pal to give to her nephew, which was the inspiration for the cake.

Paint Fusion Playing - Bookmarks

I wanted to practise painting roses, as demonstrated by Stephanie Weightman, and had the idea of perhaps doing some bookmarks, so cut a couple of strips of 160 gsm card and picked up my paintbrushes!  Quite pleased with them (well wouldn't you be if you had never been able to paint for toffee!) Looks as though I shall be laminating them into bookmarks!

Close up of my first effort, using a really tiny brush.  I painted the roses, and then added some "leaves". Colours were pink and white with a smidgen of dk pink.

This was my second attempt with a slightly larger brush, and thus much bolder roses.  This time I painted the leaves down the strip first , and added the roses afterwards.   Colours were peach and cream with a smidgen of pink.  I much prefer this one - but it may be just the colour combination.  Now looking forward to Steph's CD arriving with some layout designs to copy.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

70th birthday

I kept this card fairly simple as it has to be posted to the south of France.  Basic Card is from Craftwork cards, and is actually white!  (blame the reflection from the blue sky for causing it to look blue!) 

The centre panel is also from Craftwork cards, and I distressed it with one of the inks from my Big and Juicy Mountain Meadow ink pad.  Confess I am not that good at the grungy look of distressing!  Card was finished off with my favourite Marianne Die, a little gem, and a peel-off.

It has made me feel old making this - it is 50 years since the recipient and I shared a bedroom, when she became part of our family whilst doing her teaching practise in England, although it brings back happy memories.  I hope my "french" sister likes it, I think she will she likes the minimalistic look.  I would love to have nipped over and handed it to her personally, as it is a few years since I have seen her, although my daughter and family have visited her recently.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Fairy Card

The request for this card from a pal was that it had Fairies on it.  No problem as I knew I had my JS Enchanted Dreams CD.  I had put off making the card as I knew the recipient's mum was very ill, and was aware that the wording might need careful consideration.  I could hardly put "Happy Birthday" on it.  Sadly her mum died, and my pal and I have been to her funeral today.  It was a beautiful "farewell" to a lovely lady.  It was an Humanitarian funeral - completely non-religious.  Linda's mum had sorted it all herself, complete with having bought the stick-on butterflies to be put on her coffin.  On a happier note another friend of our family gave birth to a second son today - what is it they say - one out,one in.

Cream cardstock.  Image mounted on silver mirri, as is the sentiment.  (I put the image into MCS, and picked out one of the colours for the sentiment and its border).  Image  is then mounted on a larger copy of the image, also mounted on silver mirri, and that in turn is mounted on the backing paper that goes with the image, mounted on purple pearlised papermania card.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Blue Dog

Couldn't think what to entitle this card - thus Blue Dog!  (ok my imagination has gone awol today!)

Another card using the JS Furry Friends CD.  Image matted and layered on blue pearlised Papermania card, on cream cardstock, and the tartan sections (from extra backing papers section of same CD)  imported into Publisher and wording added, and edged with silver peel-offs.  I have so many peel-offs in my stash, that I rarely use, and I have vowed to rectify that!   Corner decorations also created with silver corner peel-offs with some little white sparkly star peel-offs in the centre.


Had a little crafting session with the two youngest granddaughters yesterday, whilst their Dad was putting in new disk drives in OH's computer.  As I was sitting in the garden painting when they arrived, obviously they wanted to start off by doing some painting - the 2 yr old had the water colours out, and I allowed the 5 yr old to use the acrylics.  She painted a great picture of her sister's old fashioned boy doll (shame I didn't get to take any photos).  I also showed her how to do some Paint Fusion berries, pencil rubber flowers and the little swirly flowers!   I do believe I have a convert!

They then discovered my Crafty Crocodiles stash and the eldest one wanted to make a spider - I got to do the messy part of painting the cotton-covered ball  (my choice I might add for my sanity!)  so this is the 5yr olds spider!  I attached them to some stretchy cord.

Naturally the 2 yr old wanted to make one too, and this was her choice of colours (thankfully she wanted hers white).  By the time this one had been jumped around on the cord - I think it looked more like an octopus than a spider!