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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Paint Fusion fun & 70th Birthday lunch

I gave myself a day off today as I had slightly overdone it earlier in the week.  In fact I have had two days off, as yesterday all the family joined us for a 70th Birthday lunch for my husband at our local Chinese Restaurant.  We were the only customers in at lunch time.  I think because they don't advertise that they do a set Buffet (eat as much as you like) on a Saturday - they only advertise the Sunday one!  As usual we got really spoilt as we are quite regular customers for family celebrations. 

The staff all sang Happy Birthday to Derek and brought in this ice cream complete with candle - which I will add the grandchildren all shared!   (The Manager did say that he would have ordered a stripper for him, but didn't think his heart would cope!)

After lunch we all came back to our house for a slice of birthday cake and a cuppa and spent a pleasant afternoon in the garden.

The Birthday Boy and his Icecream

So to today - as it was such a lovely day I spent it sitting in the garden painting!   I finally got to painting the last side of my paintstripper holder.......

...... and I then started on my Daughter's holder, which she had brought around for me to play with.  I think I am getting the hang of this paint fusion now and also Steph's roses - I love doing those.  Although mine are actually a fusion of Sheena & Stephanie's techniques!

1st side

 2nd side

 3rd side

Last side

Close up of 2nd side

Close up of 3rd side

thanks for looking



Beryl K said...

Wow, Wow and Wow again Mags, your painting is amazing. Glad you all enjoyed the birthday lunch
Beryl x

Hazel said...

Your husband's birthday lunch sounds just what we like! Your paintings are lovely. Hazel x

Carolyn said...

Wonderful boxes and they look such fun to do aswell. I bought a star shaped box the other week and you have inspired me to do something with it. Glad you had such a lovely birthday meal out.
Carolyn :)

Lynn (delphinoid) said...

Your paint fusion is fantastic. :)

Paint Fusion is something I keep meaning to have a go at, just never seem to get round to doing it. X X