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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Paint Fusion Playing - Bookmarks

I wanted to practise painting roses, as demonstrated by Stephanie Weightman, and had the idea of perhaps doing some bookmarks, so cut a couple of strips of 160 gsm card and picked up my paintbrushes!  Quite pleased with them (well wouldn't you be if you had never been able to paint for toffee!) Looks as though I shall be laminating them into bookmarks!

Close up of my first effort, using a really tiny brush.  I painted the roses, and then added some "leaves". Colours were pink and white with a smidgen of dk pink.

This was my second attempt with a slightly larger brush, and thus much bolder roses.  This time I painted the leaves down the strip first , and added the roses afterwards.   Colours were peach and cream with a smidgen of pink.  I much prefer this one - but it may be just the colour combination.  Now looking forward to Steph's CD arriving with some layout designs to copy.

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Beryl K said...

These are gorgeous Mags, I've still not touched my stuff
Beryl x