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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Revamped - work in progress!

I had a little time to play with my paints this afternoon.  My daughter had asked to borrow my old paint stripper, and this was the stand that my Dad made for me, many many years ago.   This was before we had posh lightweight heat guns for our embossing and we had to use a paint stripper!  They got very hot so you needed something safe to rest it in.  So for the past 20 years it has been just plain plywood.

I decided that I would revamp it.  I painted it with ivory emulsion and did the wet on wet painting technique, using some gold pearlised acrylic paint, to give it a sort of distressed look. Then used Sheena Douglas's Paint Fusion stamps - leaves from the Blackberry set and the Open Rose stamps, which I converted to full roses, using Stephanie Weightman's Rose technique.  The rose buds and gypsophila were free-hand!

so this is the first side done - now to decide what to put on the other three surfaces.  I am definitely hooked now on Folk Painting!

another view


Claire said...

thats gorgeous Mags, beautiful roses and the gyp looks fab
Claire xx

Beryl K said...

And very nice it looks too Mags, well done
Beryl x