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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ribbon Jewellery

My new addiction - Ribbon Jewellery.  My pal Sassie made me a necklace for Easter and I fell in love with it - and my daughter bought me a basic kit for my Birthday a couple of days ago.   Here are the first results of my playing:

This is made from the kit using both beads,

This is it with just the green bead

and now with just the purple bead

and then I made a bracelet with ribbon from my stash and a large bead

and then I tried two different ribbons, and added tiny bead to the end of the tie.

another view of the two bracelets.

Sassie and I have had a lovely few days, and spent yesterday afternoon, after a fab Chinese meal at our local restaurant, at a little craft shop at the local garden centre, buying a few bead making bits, and this morning we nipped across to Hobbycraft as she doesn't have one near her - and erm spent rather a few more pennies on jewellery bits! 

I had asked for a bead loom for my Birthday too, and I had really wanted the more expensive one from Beader's Companion ( which I could also have paint-fusioned!|) - anyway we saw the smaller one in Hobbycraft so I decided to buy that and put my savings towards more beads, etc. instead!

Sassie has now departed for home in the wilds of Devon, Boo Hoo - so I shall now go and sit in the garden and try out my loom!

Thanks for dropping by.  (and don't forget if you want a ribbon necklace, let me know and what colour .......!)



Beryl K said...

Beautiful work Mags, not seen this before. My daughter makes jewelry but nothing like this. I bet you are going to miss Sassie
Beryl x

Sass said...

Boo Hoo Hoo! Home at the madhouse now!! Lovely weekend our Mag's. I'm in the Doghouse..........No cake !!!!!!!

Off to stroke my goodies now xxx