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Monday, 22 August 2011

An August Sunday

It was a beautiful day yesterday - probably one of the nicest we have had since Easter.  It was even warm enough to still be sitting outside after the sun set.

I spent the morning creating a promised ribbon necklace for my Daughter-in-law, including painting a bead to match.

and also playing with some pretty "flower" beads I bought on Friday, and created this protype christmas tree decoration.  I need to get some more barrel and flat red beads/ buttons to repeat the creation!

Later in the afternoon the whole family descended on my Daughter for a spa and bbq together with a neighbour and good friend and her husband.  Theoretically the start of our week's holiday!  We had a fab time.  I even ventured into the spa - oooo I am hooked now and want one at home!  My youngest granddaughter didn't want to come out!

We had hoped to get away for a week, but everywhere we wanted to go was fully booked - the only place that had vacancies was on the Isle of Wight - but there were no available ferries! C'est la Vie as they say!

Not sure exactly what we are going to do this week - if the weather is kind we may venture out - but as my husband can't walk far - choices are a bit limited.   However, we may indulge in some meals out.  Having said that what have I done today - housework!  and the forecast tomorrow is heavy rain - so looks as though we shan't be venturing further than Sains for the fortnightly shopping trip!

and finally my eldest granddaughter made one of these yesterday with some of my spare wool, whilst we were at her house, showing her other gran how it was done.   We gave the necklace to her aunt as it matched the dress she was wearing  - so today, I made her another one to replace it!

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Sass said...

See there IS room for a Sass in the spa!!!