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Monday, 29 August 2011

Bank Holiday Weekend playing

Having spent a pleasant hour or so this morning with my pal Sassie and her husband who popped over to visit as they were staying with a mutual friend of ours in Guildford for the weekend, (and she said she wasn't going back home until she had seen me), this afternoon I finished off what I had started yesterday, some more playing with my Crafty Croc bits and pieces - working on a sort of Easter/Spring theme.  I was back working with cotton covered balls, which I painted with acrylic paint, googly eyes and felt, which I still had in my craft box.

The chick was fairly easy, and I managed to squash the base of the ball for him to stand up on his own.  The other animal was more difficult - it was supposed to be a Rabbit ! -  but I couldn't get the balls to squash into egg shapes, so it appears I have had a happy accident and made a dog!  (grin!).    I might try again using the smaller balls as in the chick, and see if they work better. 

Finally I had painted up one of the balls as a flower centre yesterday, and today I cut it in half - so have another half ball to make something else with.  I also cut out 6 petal shapes  from felt and threaded them on to some green glitter pipe cleaners, arranged them into a flower shape and glued them together, then glued on the centre, as you can see  I have turned it into a pencil topper.



Beryl K said...

Lovely work Mags. Hope you and Sassie had a good visit
Beryl x

Sass said...

It was lovely to see you all yesterday, just a shame it was a flying visit, but this time Big Donna's need was greater than yours. Never mind sweetie it won't be long before I'm back again. I think with the ammount of time we are spending in W. Sussex and Surrey we ought to move closer to you all. Remember a Sass isn't just for Christmas BUT LIFE!!