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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Black & Silver Ribbon Necklace

Made this yesterday for my daughter's pal, who fell in love with one I was wearing last week.

I now have another one to do for my daughter!  Good job they both teach at different schools!  I love the little silver cube beads I bought last week (they are like little meshes of twisted silver wire)

and made a little box to present it in with my Hougie Board of course!


I have had a terrible day today - if it could go wrong it went wrong!  Fortunately once I had got the third one out of the way - things began to look up.   When I went to deliver the necklace, my daughter gave be a large bag of craft ribbon "stuff" (Craftlon Nylon Craft Ribbon) for knitting, crocheting etc with, together with a Craftlon pompom maker.  Her neighbour recently died and her daughter asked if the ribbon was any good to me/us.  Not only do I have various ribbons I also have a video tape of how to use it, and two instruction/pattern books - so watch this space!

1 comment:

Beryl K said...

Lovely necklace Mags and I like the flower to finish off the box
Beryl x