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Thursday, 25 August 2011

If at first you don't succeed ......

....   Share your failures with friends anyway!

At last the second set of my new Sheena Christmas stamps arrived today - Needless to say I had to have a play. Bravely I decided to tackle some more ceramic painting.  I was good and got an old tile out, and firstly sorted all the colours in the box and then tried them out on the old tile, as a reference!  I then tackled this bowl - ok so perhaps I should have found something flatter to start with and not curved - trust me to tackle the most difficult thing!

The Christmas Rose wasn't too bad, but the leaves were naff!

then I painted the other side - Ivy wasn't too bad - better than it looks in photo, and even the Poinsettia looked better in real life, BUT there is one good thing about ceramic paints that have to be set in the oven - until that is done they aren't permanent - SO ..... this is now all scrubbed off and bowl put in dishwasher ready to start all over again!

Having failed miserably at the ceramic painting - I then set to and tried my hand with the Christmas stamps and some acrylic paint!  I was going to paint the Christmas tree, and fir cone etc, but  decided that perhaps I would try out one of Sheena's suggestions and use the fir tree sprigs as a background for the Christmas Rose .  It didn't turn out to badly - so perhaps I had better stick to acrylics for a while!   (No I shan't giveup on the ceramic paint - I am just going to approach the painting from a different angle/technique - I will overcome !)


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Hazel said...

You're very brave. Your attempts look pretty good to me. I haven't even attempted any painting, mainly because Eric would be too critical! Hazel x