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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Paint Fusion Ivy ....

.....  or not as the case maybe !

One set of my new Christmas Stamps arrived today, so this afternoon I cut them out and had a play.  I have had some little tealight holders from Crafty Crocodiles waiting to be painted, and as I got a bargain offer in Hobbycraft yesterday - 32 pots of ceramic paint or less than £16.  My daughter had tipped me off that they had a load in the sale at our local branch - so nipped across and "filled me boots" as they say.  I got a mix of large and small pots which were marked at 99p - but when I got to the till they were on bogoff!  RESULT - particularly as the large pots are normally £3.99 .  No idea what the small ones sell for - but it looked like they had already been reduced from £1.49 to 99p, when I pulled the sticker off!  

I will say it wasn't easy - firstly stamping on the glass with Stazon - but Sheena's tip about taking it off with nailvarnish remover was an Ace one!  Evenutally I got an image I was happy with.  Then to the painting ..... - erm never having painted with ceramic paints before I didn't know what to expect.  I found I had to do a couple or more coats.  Anyway I got a result, and it will be interesting to see what it is liked when it has been baked.  (I could have painted it with normal acrylic paint - but then it wouldn't have been dishwasher proof).

I then thought I would attemp a canvass for the first time, and use the new ivy stamp again.   painted the background with the wet on wet technique - with three colours - magnolia and oak green emulsion and blue pearlescent acrylic, then stamped a spray of ivy leaves.  Well what can I say - I made a complete and utter mess of it - the Ivy was awful.  (How come I could paint free-hand Ivy last week on that tissue box, but using the stamps I muck it up? !!!! ).

I was ready to start again by repainting the canvass with emulsion, but decided to paint some roses over the top instead - of course if my other set of christmas stamps that I ordered had arrived today I could have painted poinsettias or fircones on it instead!  hey ho!  If at first you don't succeed - rethink!



Carol said...

Looks and sounds like you're having great fun in the craft room atm Mags and producing some wonderful goods to boot (as are your talented grand daughters). Carol x

Beryl K said...

Beautiful work Mags, love these roses
Beryl x