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Friday, 2 September 2011

2 Necklaces and A Pair of Earrings

Dawnywol and Ikklewol called in this afternoon, as Dawn decided she wanted a break from school work and wanted to make some key charms with some beads we bought back in Feb at Farnborough!  Knowing I had already made one for myself and created another one with Ikklewol some time ago she wanted me to show her how to make them.  So we sat in the sunshine and she made two; so she can now make loops!   (sorry no piccies of those).  Ikklewol designed them but Dawny made them as Ikklewol didn't have the strength to make the loops.

I eventually managed to start on another memory wire necklace -  for her.  Didn't quite finish it before they had to dash off to Ikklewol's swimming lesson, and Ikklewol said she would like one in purple!  So once they had gone, I sat down and finished the turquoise one, and made a purple one as well.  As I had a few of the turquoise beads left I made Dawn a pair of matching earrings.  

I must buy some earring findings - I have a few clip on type from when I have converted bought pierced sort so that I can wear them.  However, I was very good and saved the findings from the bought earrings so was able to use those!  As I don't have pierced ears I shall have to do some research to find out what the most popular design is for pierced earrings - looks a bit of a minefield out there!

Looks as though my granddaughter is going to keep me busy making jewellery for her!   Dawn has gone out tonight to a baby shower party, wearing the black and silver ribbon necklace I made her - which if I say so myself looked absolutely fab on her!   Wonder if she will come home with some orders????????

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Beryl K said...

Lovely sets Mags
Beryl x