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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Orange Memory Wire Necklace

Inspired by my pal Sassie's memory wire necklace, I thought I would have a try at making one.   This is my second attempt!  My first one used the same beads, and I tried to incorporate some of the design ideas on Beader's Companion web site, but wasn't happy with the way it sat on my neck.!  So it all got taken apart and remade.  Not sure I am completely happy with it even now - so it might get remade yet again - what's a bit of memory wire between friends - and nothing ventured nothing gained!

Here is piccie of me wearing the necklace (I have attempted to crop most of my scraggy old neck out of the picture - LOL!).


update -  Following a visit from my daughter I amended necklace slightly and just left the 5 large danglers and took out the two back danglers!


Beryl K said...

It's lovely Mags
Beryl x

Sass said...

Whats wrong with it? It looks fine to me.