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Friday, 16 September 2011

Painting again!

Well it was another sunny day today, and I just had to take advantage of it and do some more painting out in the garden.

I managed to get all the coasters varnished - they look great.  I have tried various varnish/sealant mediums for acrylics, and I must say the one from Crafty Crocodiles gets my vote, it is a lovely consistency, touch dry in less than 30 mins.  Yes I know I do samples for them, but their acrylic satin varnish is really fantastic, and really brings out the colours, and as it is water based, it washes out of the brush very easily.   It says it is weather resistant, so think I shall be sealing my painting with it when I paint my hanging baskets.  Here is a link if you are interested:

http://www.craftycrocodiles.co.uk/crafting-pens-c30/acrylic-satin-varnish-p272  I used their one stroke wash brush to apply it - lovely coverage - glad I invested in it!

Right that is the end of the useful information - back to what I achieved today!

Artificial Candle

This is a candle I bought in the Pound Shop - it is an imitation one which takes batteries, so thought I would "give it a whirl" as the saying goes. According to the wrapper it is supposed to have a vanilla fragrance! What will they think of next?   The Holly leaves stamp was one of Sheena Douglass's Paint Fusion Christmas Stamps.  Not sure I have done justice to the holly - looks more like oak leaves to me!  More practise need on holly leaves!

Shade of Grey Candle

This was an experiment using shades of grey on a small candle I bought from Sainsbury's - completely freehand painting on this one.

Ball-shaped candle

Another candle using Sheena's Christmas stamps.  Although I forgot there was a stamp for the fircones, and did those freehand!   Not sure where I got the candle - think it was Sainsbury's again.  That's the trouble with sneaking stuff into the trolley with the food shopping!

Ceramic Candle holder

I couldn't get a very good photo of this candle holder, which has pink and white free-hand roses and leaves on it with pale blue sprays of dots.   This was an unvarnished candle holder, and I used the Crafty Crocs varnish on it to seal it.   I think I bought the holder in Wilkinsons, don't think it was the Pound Shop.

Side 2 of Fan

and finally I painted the reverse side of a fan that I started back in August.  I had been putting it off, as it was a bit of a nightmare to paint with all the folds - but it has turned out quite well.   The background is blue pearlescent acrylic from Craft Crocs, and the roses are white and pink pearlescent paint (the pink is a Docrafts one I bought at the Glitter Pot recently.   You may recall the other side of the fan that I painted ......

Side 1 of Fan - Paint Fusion Poppies on pearlised turquoise that I created mixing paints

I hope you have enjoyed my little selection.  Thanks for looking.



lindah11 said...

fabulous Mags each one
hugs linda xxx

Beryl K said...

Wow Mags, your family and friends are certainly going to receive some wonderful pressies this year. These are gorgeous.
Glad you had a sunny day, it's been like the middle of winter here, temp has dropped to 11C, not that it got above 15/16C in the summer!

Vicky McClean said...

Well Done Mags, i love every single project, you certainly are hooked aren't you? LOL....you are into the same as me lately, painting and jewellery making, same 'ere.....i love the jewellery items ive got in mind cause you can get colours and designs going that suit your outfit and no-one else has got anything like it!!! I bet its gonna be great one day when someone says to us, "ooh i love your bracelet, where did you buy it" and you can enthuse in saying you made it yourself!!!! yippee......dont say that bit hahahaha, just think it in your head, LOL.....have yet to see one of the false candles I'm after some, but i will keep my eyes open! Well Done darling, Hugs Vick xxx