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Friday, 14 October 2011

Black & White & Heart

Black & White + glass heart

I made this quickly on Wednesday as we had a family funeral to go to on Thursday, and I wasn't quite sure which outfit I was going to wear and I needed a necklace for one of them.  (As it turned out didn't wear the outfit this was made for!).   The picture I took when I made it  really doesn't do it justice as the glass heart is absolutely gorgeous and really catches the light in real life.

I have just tried taking a couple more photos, and I think they show the heart more realistically.   I bought this heart at the Sandown craft show a few weeks back, and absolutely fell in love with it.  It is really heavy.

a slightly better photo

Close up of the glass heart

I am going to the beading show at Sandown tomorrow - so may well wear it to that!

As I mentioned we went to a family funeral yesterday, in Southend -  a place I haven't been to since I was 10! (I have a photo taken at the end of the pier under the famous Bell with my Mum and Dad, just after my Dad came out of hospital that year, which is how I can date it!).  Well I wasn't sure what to expect when after the funeral and spending a pleasant afternoon sitting in the garden catching up with distant rellies, whilst enjoying a fantatic buffet lunch, before heading home we drove along the seafront.  Heck it is like other parts of the Essex coast I have visited - I call it the "Land that Time forgot".  I suppose living near the South Coast and Brighton and Littlehampton, I was expecting something a bit like them, which always seem to be busy, even out of season, particularly as Southend is virtually the nearest resort to the East of London.  I doubt that much has changed really since I was a kid.  If we had been earlier with our "promenade" we might have made the effort to take the train down the pier for "old times sake".  OK it was just after 5pm, and it was "Out of Season", but it was deserted, and not even dark enough for the "Lights" to be on which might have made a difference, and it didn't help that most of the promenade was edged by a concrete wall that prohibited you from seeing a lot from the car!   Here are a couple of photos I took:

Southend Pier looking toward Kent

Southend Pier from the other side.


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Beryl K said...

I love your necklace Mags, that heart is beautiful. I went to Southend on holiday when I was about 10, can't remember much about it though
Beryl x