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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Brown Ensemble

I took time off from stripping wallpaper last night and this morning to make this ensemble to go with a new jumper I had bought recently.   I needed something in brown, and  I had  bought some bags of mixed beads in various colours at Sandown a couple of weeks ago.  I used my my white and brown bags.

Inspired by Sarah Millsop's demos on C&C yesterday - this is what I made:

the complete ensemble
I started off with the necklace, and used these pretty beads as the foundation of my design.  As you will see from the picture above, I also used Sarah's idea of making part of the chain with just eyepins.

close up of beads in the necklace

I also made a pair of earrings.   Now I don't have pierced ears so I rarely  get to wear dangly earrings, but I bought these earring findings at Sandown.   They are the most comfortable earrings I have ever worn.  Although you adjust them initially with the screw; they are in fact on a sprung hinge - fab! 

close up of earring

and finally I made a charm bracelet to match.  Ok so the base of the bracelet was a premade stretchy one, but a girl has to cheat sometimes!  However, I did create all the charms on it.  I even got a bit adventurous and managed some fancy wirework on one of them, having mastered the twirl on the end as demonstrated by Sarah.

The twirl

one of the charms with fancy wire work

and finally another of Sarah's ideas to attach a bead using an eyepin and wrapping it around the bead to make a "bail".

 bead with eye pin bail
 As you can see I have had great fun.



Beryl K said...

This is beautiful Mags, I love the necklace
Beryl x

lindah11 said...

beautifull mags you are so clever
hugs linda xxxx