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Monday, 28 November 2011

A confession

Well it looks as though I had better "fess up". I bought some Christmas Cards on Saturday - the first time for many years.   I just felt that I might not get through all the cards I need to make.   Having updated the card list addresses and found that there are 142 on there and I have only made half that amount .......

I know I am naughty and quite cross with myself - but just haven't had the mojo to make cards - am so busy trying to get the lounge decorated before Christmas!   Can only do a couple of hours or so at a time, and juggling that with housework, gardening, visits to nurses and doctor appointments which seem to have taken over our life!   Shouldn't knock it really - we didn't see much of our doctor last year as she had fall from her bike, and although wearing a crash helmet - she did some damage to her head.  She is now back and well and not having seen his Lordship for a while, is running loads of tests (not helped by fact that one had to be done twice as we though it was wrong - we were correct .....   added to that I have had my six monthly blood test recently and of course that means a visit to the diabetes nurse.  Stupidly I said to our Doc - on OH's last visit - do you need to see me or are you happy for the nurses to monitor me - her reply - "yes I ought to see you, as haven't seen you for 18 months! .........  hey ho!

Still I would rather our friends knew we still think of them and we haven't left the planet with a bought card, than nothing at all.   Sometimes it is the only chance we seem to get these days to catch up on news.   None of us are getting any younger, and there were quite a few names deleted/amended this year.

Hopefully I will be forgiven this year.


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Beryl K said...

I am sure your friends will understand Mags, life does get in the way sometime