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Thursday, 22 December 2011

A baking evening

Life is a very weird here at mo.  My youngest granddaughter was rushed to hospital last week, with an infection in her jaw of some sort.  They have been backwards and forward to hospital, then she was kept in on Monday and had scans yesterday - today she was transferred to another hospital and had an operation to remove an abcess!

I have a filthy cold, so haven't been able to visit as well as problem with one of my eyes - and have got an emergency appointment to see about that tomorrow - hey ho - why does it all happen just before Christmas.

Anyway I needed to do some baking ready for my visitors next week - so to take my mind off granddaughter and try and "sweat" my cold out of me I made this lot this evening!

Sausage and Onion pie,   Meat and vegetable pie
sage & onion sausage rolls, mince pies, few jam tarts and cheesy nibbles with left-over pastry

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