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Saturday, 3 December 2011

champagne necklace

champagne necklace

Well the red version didn't make it to Sugarcraft raffle, as my pal Paula rather liked it.  I said I would make her another one, but realised I didn't have enough ribbon - so I quickly made this one yesterday, and the red one will be winging its way to her.   I actually took the wherewithall to make it to the surgery yesterday as OH had an appointment in the heart clinic (can report all results ok!) - as usual Doc was running slightly behind and that was at 8.30 in the morning!

Came home and made the little charm and added the chain and clasp findings.  The organza makes it look quite sparkly.

They went down quite well I think at Sugarcraft Club as the demonstrator was showing us how to make beaded jewellery for our cakes!  Right up my street - so watch this space - as if I have the right beads may make some for my Christmas cakes.

(Mind you Christmas cakes are a bad word in this house today!)   I marzipanned 3 cakes this morning, and then went to put the sugarpaste on two of them.  I had bought the new Mich Turner (Little Venice Cake Company) sugarpaste to try as it was on special in Sains.   First disappointment that although it said white icing - it was very much off-white and more like champagne coloured icing!  The second was that it was absolute rubbish to work with and coat a cake.  Had 3 attempts on the first cake - crikey - haven't had to do that since I was a student many many years ago!  I was so cross - it nearly got thrown across the kitchen!  I hadn't realised it was a Silver Spoon product - wouldn't have touched it with a barge pole - that'll learn me to look at packaging more closely!  but it was the colour that really made me cross.   If that is what she used on the Royal Wedding cake - no wonder it looked ivory instead of white!  ok rant over - just got to get on and do the royal iced cake - theoretically the marzipan should dry out for a few days, but I might risk it as it will take me 6 days to put the coating on - wonder if the kids would like old-fashioned "snow" finish cake instead? :-0  !!


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