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Friday, 9 December 2011


...... cards that is.  Just three quick simple ones.

Hopefully after this week, I shall be around more - the dreaded stripping and painting is nearly done.  I have managed to do behind one glass/china cabinet today - including taking everything out, cleaning and putting back.  Had this brilliant idea - take photo of shelves in cabinet, before removing everything - fab - it was easy peasy to get it all back in its right place, after it was washed.

Just three more strips of wallpaper behind other display unit to do tomorrow - but this is big and heavy - not looking forward to that tomorrow.  However, that will be the last of it.  (well there is a little bit to do in an alcove behind TV, which requires shelves to be taken down first - but that is probably going to be left until the New Year as you can't really see it  - unless .....  I get time and inclination before Christmas after every thing else on the todo list is done!)

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