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Thursday, 22 December 2011

More Baking!

shortbread shapes, frangipane mince pies (with orange pastry) and puff pastry mince pies

I couldn't see to do a lot when I got back from the emergency appointment at the opticians (which turned out to be nothing to sorry about - phew) but I had to have drops in my eye, and they took ages this time to wear off - so I pottered in the kitchen

Made some mini frangipane mince pies - gosh they are yummy - not sure how many will be left for the visitors next week!  Also made some shortbread, which I was going to decorate, but as am still feeling under par - shall leave them and maybe dip them in chocolate next week.  If not they will remain plain!

I made some more mincepies with puff pastry - was a tad worried I had burned them - as the pinger didn't go off - anyway chief taster said they are brilliant and not burned!

I also prepared the mix for some cake pops and put those together this evening - don't think I shall be rushing to make them again - tad fiddly.  I didn't have any candy melts, and the chocolate is taking an age to set!  (I may show you the disasters tomorrow when they are set!)

Think I am all baked out now - so shall relax a bit for next couple of days.


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