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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Purple & Green

Purple & Green ribbon necklace

I asked my niece what her favourite colours were -  the reply purple and green.   Hopefully she will like this then!   Purple & Green ribbon and Purple and Green beads on the charm.  Had a bit of a panic on with necklaces past couple of weeks as ran out of silver bell end clasps, and local craft shop were out of stock until after Christmas.  Fortunately tracked some down on the net!

gift bag

and this is the bag I made to for it to go in.  I had made a box but realised that meant parcel would have to be sent as a package and would require a long queue at the Post Office - so I compromised, and made this little bag with my Hougie and instructions from Hougie Book 2.  It's called a milkcarton gift bag!


1 comment:

Beryl K said...

Beautiful necklace and beautiful bage to put it in
Beryl x