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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Three Generations Now Hooked .......

....... on Zentangle.

Zen and red

This is what I did last night whilst watching TV - a punched flower and a zentangle with a touch of red!  and the following are my Daughter's and nine-year old Granddaughter's first attempts.  Think these are loads better than mine - but of course they do have the book on Zentangle and the kit that I bought my Daughter for her birthday for inspiration!  I have also gone right to the edge of my square of card for this one.

Think I am going to have to go down the less is more route as we have all used the same sized card to start with (9 cm square).

Daughter's first attempt

Granddaughter's first attempt
 How good is that for a nine-year old!  -   and then my daughter got really good at it:

D's second attempt

K Zentangle

I absolutely love what she has done with this K - (going to have to try out that block design) and obviously my granddaughter did as she asked her Mum to do one with an E for her !

E for my granddaughter
 I am going to have to do a lot more playing I can see - or else ask my daughter to do an M for me. 

Are any of you inspired to get hooked on this zentangle doodling yet?


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Beryl K said...

Wow such a talented family. These are all gorgeous Mags.
Beryl x