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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Beaded Brooch

Having made my Shamballa bracelet yesterday, I then set about making a brooch.  I had this idea in my head, and sat and played to try and achieve the result I wanted.   I had originally wanted it a bit larger, but was limited by size of the brooch back I had.  I don't know if they make brooch backs in a round shape, I shall have to do some research as that is what I really need - a bit like the bases you can get for a ring.

I could possibly have achieved a slightly different result by just threading the beads on wire and weaving them on - might try that another time, would be a darn sight quicker than preparing all those eyepins!

The centre is a sort of ribbon button that I wired to the brooch back to start with.  I then attached the beads through some of the outer loops of the centre and also on to the brooch back.    Some of the beads, have seed beads on them as well as the larger ones, as typical the colours I wanted to use - the holes were too big for eye pins!

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Beryl K said...

This is very pretty Mags
Beryl x