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Monday, 13 February 2012

Bird of Paradise

I made this card for my daughter-in-law whose birthday is the same day as my granddaughter's.  I love this Jane Shasky image from Joanna's "from the heart of the garden cd.  It is not often I use orange on my cards.

I printed out the image twice and decoupaged the flowers.  I had the idea of using some of my beading cord to decoupage the twig on the image, but it didn't quite work - so used two lengths of diffent colours intertwined instead of ribbon.  The flowers in the corner aren't quite as dark as they appear in the photo, they are actually same orange as in the ribbon bow.

I also made her a cake.  I know her mum quite often makes her a chocolate cake for her birthday, and as the birth of our new grandchild is imminent, and as I wasn't sure if she would end up giving birth to another Valentine's Day baby,  decided to opt for a cake that would keep - just in case.   

I know she likes Cherry Cake, so that is what I made, and added a bit of water-icing on top and some cherries.  (I think it looks like a giant iced bun!).  The only thing I did wrong, was to follow the recipe and put all the ingredients in together, and then use the Kenwood, which of course blitzed all the cherries!  Was a bit miffed as I had put in a lot more than the recipe stated - should have mixed it by hand!  (or put in the cherries at the end! - duly noted for next time!)  Anyway I threw in even more whole cherries when I realised my mistake!  so even if doesn't look like there are a lot of cherries in it - it should definitely taste of cherries! LOL!


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Beryl K said...

Beautiful card Mags, lovely looking cake too
Beryl x