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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Attempting a ZenDangle

The other day I mentioned that I had seen a U-tube video on ZenDangles - Well - having looked at Joane's pages of things to try, I have had a play last night at making a frame with a Dangle in the middle of it - not sure that I like it as much as ordinary zentangles.  Think I need a bit more practise.   I can see where I need to improve it - I should have done the sprigs of leaves on the outside of the larger square, which would have then left a clear frame for the Dangle.  Still it was quite relaxing and at least the sakura metallics got an airing alongside some promarkers.  It reminds me of a patchwork square!

I have named it "Love ZenDangle" as if you look carefull, the word love is spelled out at the end of the longest dangles.

I was going to attempt another one tonight, but was a bit shattered after a second day in in the garden.  Yesterday I was good and cleared up all the clippings etc from my energetic wielding of loppers, shears and secateurs over the weekend, which resulted in two trips to the tip!   This afternoon I continued the good work and dug over 30 feet of flower bed - and bearing in mind this bed is about 5ft deep at its widest - was quite chuffed with my result.   The ground is just perfect for digging at the moment, so am concentrating on getting that done so I can get back to crafting without feeling guilty!

There is also a bit of an incentive with the gardening, as my hubby decided to take up an offer of some perenial plants - £100 worth for £9.99 - not sure how many plants are coming, but I think it is a heck of a lot - goodness knows where they are all going to go! 


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Beryl K said...

This is gorgeous Mags
Beryl x