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Friday, 30 March 2012

Baskets 3 & 4 and revamped 1 !

Yellow roses and mini sunflowers

I decided to make the most of the last of the warm weather and finish my baskets today.  There was an incentive as I had bought all my plants yesterday!  

So spent this morning and early afternoon finishing off the painting and then set to to repair the greenhouse  (just in case we get the snow they keep threatening - and my newly purchase plants are in the greenhouse for protection!).   I had a broken pane of glass in the roof window, and another pane with a corner missing.   We have a lovely glazing company in town, so nipped down there with the window and the necessary measurements for the two pieces of glass - ooo panic - they were out of greenhouse glass.   Fortunately I had a couple of spare pieces at home, albeit the wrong size - so it was a quick trip back home, a quick sluice of the panes of glass to get rid of the mud and muck where they had been stored behind the shed, and back to the glaziers!  - and the cost, including fitting the pane of glass in the window which was quite difficult - nothing as it was my glass -just a contribution in the charity tin!  Heck you don't often get service like that!

I was going to paint this basket the same as the second one, but wanted to try something a bit different - so this one is yellow roses and sort of mini sunflower type flowers - I am sure they have a proper name (or at least a latin one, but I am useless at flower names!)

For those of you into Paint Fusion - the little "roses" at the top were painted using 3 dots of white, 2 of yellow and 1 of orange, before I swirled them together.  I really liked the effect of using 3 colours.

wall basket/trough

I then progressed to the wall basket/trough, that I had prepared earlier in the week with black paint.  I went back to the pink roses and white daisies for this - really like the combination.

two more views of the trough

and finally I went back to my first basket, which I thought was a bit plain with just the Ivy, so as it will be hanging in the vicinity of the trough on my front porch, I decided to revamp it with some additional flowers.  I wasn't sure how the white daisies would work overpainting them over the ivy - so I opted for pink roses and blue cornflowers  (ok blue daisies!) to compliment the trough.

revamped ivy basket

another view

Thanks for dropping by and looking, hope you approve of my makeover of my tatty green baskets and trough.  Can't wait to fill them now!


Fiona C said...

I don't know where you get your energy from Mags - they are all lovely xx

Hazel said...

They all look great, Mags. I've not been around much so am just catching up with your projects! Hazel x