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Friday, 9 March 2012

Flower Tangle

I subscribe to a zentangle blog and this week there was a link to a U-tube video about Zenspirational Dangles done by Joanne Spink - which I have yet to try.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFz0k2M39No

However, at the end of the video there were some further links to Joanne's work.  One was a downloadable set of letters/initials, and the other were some inspirational ideas for flowers.

This is my first attempt at a flower - probably the first flower I have ever drawn in my life that looks like a flower!  I roughed out the outline in pencil first, then went over it properly with my micron pen.  The flower was then coloured with promarkers, and a bit of distressing added from a big and juicy pad.  (yes ok - need more practise at distressing!).  Am a bit chuffed with the flower, as I can't freehand draw for toffee  -  even my husband said he recognised what it was supposed to be!

I am going to have to have a look to see if I have any suitable stamps that I can adapt!

This picture shows two of Joanne's "how to bit" from her pdf - the first one is the basic outline for the flower, and the second one she coloured using a computer.  The one on the right is of course my effort.

So the next step is to do a few variations, and try the ZenDangles!

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