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Friday, 6 April 2012

Creme Egg Animals

I decided to play this afternoon and make the granddaughters some creme egg animals.   They are not that good as I am a bit out of practise!

So if you can't work out what they are - they are an elephant and two Peppa Pigs  (was going to make teddies, but gathered that the two youngest girls have been to Peppa Pig World today - so that was what I attempted to make!).  Must admit I normally make pigs with the eggs laying down on 4 stumpy legs, but wanted to do Peppa's long arms - probably should have given her a skirt instead of legs.

The bodies are creme eggs and are sat on digestive biscuits (glued on with a bit of melted chocolate).  The rest of the animals are sugarpaste (although you could use coloured marzipan/almond paste).  For the eyes, etc. I used some tubes of chocolate flavoured icing from the supermarket.

Hope I have inspired you - and if you don't like creme eggs, just make a pear-shaped body from your sugarpaste/marzipan.


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