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Monday, 16 April 2012

Crocus card

oooooo - I could have spat feathers when I was making this card - I had spent ages colouring the topper, but didn't realise that the piece of card I was using to check out the colours of the promarkers had slipped, and in fact I was actually scribbling on the piece of card the topper was on!.  Nightmare!  (You can imagine the words that were said, as I didn't realise until I had finished all the colouring!)

Originally the topper was going to be square, and I had some lovely orange flowers to go on the card to pick up the Clarice Cliff feel.  No way could I cut the topper into a square or an oblong with various purple "colour try outs" scribbled on it, just to the top right of the crocuses!

I had seen Hazel's gorgeous card earlier and commented how inspirational it was - I just loved the shape of the topper - so I am afraid I "pinched" her idea.  As I have a creative memories cutter that does squiggly lines, I used that, (I think Hazel probably did hers with a die), and then used a sort of distressing technique with the orange and greens from my Big and Juicy "Spice" ink pad.  Mounted the image on more card and then did a freehand trim to match the shape I had cut out.  

OK - so problem solved with the image - didn't look to bad - tried putting against various backing papers - no it wasn't right and the flowers I had chosen didn't look right with the weird shape of the topper - so it was back to pinching Hazel's idea and just putting four different coloured squares behind the topper.

Thank you so much Hazel for the inspiration - you really did get me out of a hole!  I was behind with this card, due to fact that I had severe cramp in my hand over the weekend and couldn't finish colouring the topper until last night, and the card needed to go in the post today.  (I probably could have started again this morning, but as it turned out an early phonecall from the surgery meant I had to go down for a minor op on my shoulder this afternoon, so this morning was spent getting ahead on chores that I shan't be able to do for a week until the stitches come out!)

OK so I had better show you the card (the image was from Inklined - The Next Big thing) :

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, once again Hazel.  I think you may have set a new trend!


ps do have a look at the card that Hazel made that inspired my "get out of jail" design!  http://hazel-hazelshappyhouse.blogspot.co.uk/

and I have since learned that Hazel used the wonky square die - I shall have to look out for that!


Hazel said...

Your card is super and I'm so glad that I inspired you! I love the wonky square die, I think it adds interest. Hazel x

Beryl K said...

Fabulous card Mags, a very happy accident here I think. Looks just like the Wonky Square die
Beryl x