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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Moshi Monster Cakes

My No 2 Granddaughter said she wanted a Moshi Monster cake for her birthday.  My DIL persuaded her to have a rabbit cake for her party as they are having a magician. However, because I wasn't well last week, I had to make the decision not to make that, as I didn't want to let her down at last minute.  However, we agreed that if I was up to it, I would attempt to make some Moshi Monster cupcakes that she could take to her ballet class, as she is spending her birthday rehearsing for a ballet show!

I was feeling a little brighter today so had a go at making the cupcakes.  Let's face it I really didn't have much clue about the little characters - so it was a case of trawling the net for inspiration on the characters.  (Little did I know that her cousin had some collectors cards of the characters that I could have borrowed for inspiration!)  I hope my granddaughter likes them - at least her cousin was able to recognise and name some of the characters (which is more than I can!).

Must admit the photos don't really do them justice -they do look better in reality!

close up of tray 1

close up of tray 2


ps anybody want any leftover green buttercream?  it actually tastes better than it looks, as it has lemon flavouring in it! lol!

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